Bag in Box for Catering

bag in box for cateringAre you tired of looking for new packaging methods for your Catering Service?

It is very common that responsibles of this type of service are always looking for new methods of packaging for liquids that are easier to carry, that are cheaper and that can optimize the stored space to save on transport costs.

We have the misconception that only large wine cellars can use the Bag in Box packaging, but nothing is further from the truth.

The Bag in Box is an alternative of food packaging that will guarantee the quality and professionalism of any type of service.

But do you know how it can benefit your business and your entire team?

It will facilitate the work of your entire team offering a much faster, easier and optimized service. Even at the end, you optimize staff time in dismantling the event.

In addition, the outer cardboard box serves not only to protect the bag and the product it contains, but also as an excellent means of communication to promote your company's brand, service or your customer's image.

The tap of this type of containers are hermetic valves, fully adapted to the type of liquid it contains and to the way it is emptied, facilitating its dispensing.

One of the most important properties, and which you cannot do without in your Catering service, of this packaging for liquids, it is the property to provide the health guarantee that your clients deserve and demand.

Do you want to know what conservation benefits the bag in box gives you?

The bag, inside the cardboard box, contains the product under vacuum, preserving it with all its qualities. As it empties, the bag contracts, preventing air or light from entering.

It is made up of several layers that protect the product from oxidation and light, an inner layer of flexible polyethylene and an outer layer that offers an oxygen barrier. It is a perfect container to transport liquids for breakfast or catering services, such as coffee, tea, milk or juices in bag in box.


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