Bag in Box for wine

Bag in Box para vino

Bag in Box Packaging for wine


Do you want to extend the shelf life of your wine immediately?
Keep the flavour and properties of your wine using bag in box containers for wine and avoid the lost of its initial characteristics.



How could you get your wine preserved as well as the first day? 
The innovative bag in box packaging allows a vacuum packaging and prevents from the entry of oxygen and light, factors which affect directly to the wine spoiling.  Many wineries already rely on this package, statistical exportation data of wine in bag in box speaks for itself. The number of countries which export wine in bag in box increases day by day.

Moreover, it counts with other advantages such as:
 -  Its easy dosage
 -  Its lightweight and reduce storage space
 -  Transport costs saving
 - Its lower cost per litre in comparison with others containers as the bottle.

If you think you need a large investment to start packing your bag in box wine, you are wrong. You can enjoy all the advantages of the bag in box packaging with a minimum investment and quick adaptation.
Contact us to analyse the option that best fits your products. More than 20 years helping wineries like yours.

Bag in Box for wine: price etand quality for your wines



Dispensing valves

An easy dispensing for your bag in box, choose one of our taps.


Vitop para Bag in Box


Vintap para Bag in Box


Do you need to connect your bag in box to a dispensing system?

Choose between the connectors for Original Vitop Tap and Vinitap. The perfect pieces that will allow both serving the bag in box directly from the tap; as providing a continuous flow of wine to connect the bag in box to a dispensing system or cooler.


Conector Vitop para Bag in Box

Conector Vitop

Conector Vinitap para Bag in Box

Conector Vinitap

Don’t you find what you need?

I will help you find any valve or format out of catalogue, contact us and we will find a suitable solution for you:


Tapa CMB

Valve CMB

Vávlula QCB

Valve QCD

Vávlula QCB

Valve CM-QCD


Which format do your customers prefer?

Choose among the bag in box of ; 1'5L - 2L - 2'25L - 3L - 4L - 5L - 10L - 15L -20L.


Don’t you find what you need?

I will help you find any valve or format out of catalogue, contact us and we will find a suitable solution for you.

Would you like to have further information about the benefits of using bag in box?

Complete this form and our technical and commercial team will inform you about the advantages you could get and about effective, safe and worthwhile filling systems for bag in box.

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Miguel Cruz Marqués
Agronomist Winemaker

Regarding the BIB and more specifically in the case of Montibox, I must say that my experience with the packaging is absolutely satisfactory.

The BIB is a modern and practical packaging that besides having smaller carbon footprint than the traditional filling in glass bottles, it has many other advantages and it is increasingly used by fillers of quality wines in countries with a long winemaking tradition.

Technically, it has advantages in relation to the bottle:

- Lack of indoor air during consumption.

- Less temperature fluctuation due to a bigger size of the packaging.

- The absence of light is an advantage of considerable value.

From a commercial point of view:

- It is an economical format that can be also used as a means of communication.

- Good value for money.

- Reduced chance of breakage.


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