Bag in box containers. Technology for liquid packaging

Increase the shelf life of your product protecting it from oxidation thanks to our bag in box packaging

bag in box

What is a
Bag in Box ?

An intelligent packaging compounded by a box and a bag with dispensing valve

Increase the shelf life of your products, Optimise your production processes, Save costs, Environment-friendly.

Go Bax in Box

bag in box

and Liquids

An ideal packaging for any liquid: Wine, Vinegar, Juice, Water, Coffee and Tea, Post-Mix.

Packaging in bag in box preserves the
qualities of your product to the last drop.

Bag in Box for Liquids

bag in box


Olive oil, vegetable oil, dairy products, liquid egg, sauces and concentrates.

Any food liquid product can be packed in bag in box. Protect the product from the light and increase its shelf life.

Bag in Box for Food

bag in box


Industrial oils, paints, adhesives, cosmetics and pharmacy, fertilisers.

A resistant package and easily stackable Save transport and returning costs.

Bag in Box for Chemicals

Which is your product?


The most versatile packaging for liquids due to its resistance and its protection against the light and air. Reduce costs and prolong your product quality.



The bag in box is the best options for liquid food products, easy filling, transport and packaging. Its box increases the visibility of your products. Highlight your brand!



Chemicals find in the Bag in Box a safe packaging due to its double protection: box and bag.


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Why you should use Bag in Box?

Bag in Box
Certificaciones para Fábrica de Bag in Box
  • Protect from the light

    The Bag in Box avoids the product to be in contact with the light. The product is inside a bag which in turn, is inside a cardboard box. It helps to increase the shelf life of the product and avoid the product loses properties.
  • Without oxidation to the last drop

    The exclusive system of dispensing valves, special for each type of product, avoid the air comes inside the bag. It increases the shelf life of the product and keeps the product properties and characteristics to the last drop
  • Packaging and transport

    Easily filling, packaging and palletising. Optimise your storage space and transport getting a costs reduction.
  • Highlight from your competitors

    The cardboard box offers a wide marketing surface to show your brand and company image with attractive and commercial designs.
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Bag in Box Packaging

Bag in Box Packaging

Montibox Montibox, company certified by AENOR-UNE.
ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000.
Quality certified

Standard capacities in Bag in Box (Litres)


We are Bag in Box manufacturers and therefore we are able to adapt our production to your needs. Do you need a special capacity? Contact us without any commitment.



Our production equipment’s are able to produce single and web bags from 1,5L to 20L.
We use different material: metallised films (METPET), transparent films (EVOH),
Blue films (Blue PE liners). We are manufacturers and are flexible to adapt the new market requirements.

Technology for the liquid packaging

MONTIBOX, Bag in Box Factory

Manufacturing Process
of Bag in Box. Video

Factory of Bag in Box. BIB for liquids

You Can Buy Bag in Box by contacting with our team and you will discover all about the Bag in box advantages for the liquid packaging

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