Bag in Box for Food Products

Olive oil, vegetable oil, dairy products, liquid egg, sauces and concentrates.

Any food liquid product can be packed in Bag in box.

Protect the product from the light and increase its shelf life.

In Montibox, we are able to adapt our bag in box to any liquid without gas, contact us and we will look for the best solution for your company to pack food products.

Beverages and Liquids

Ideal for packaging:

An ideal packaging for any liquid: Wine, Vinegar, Juice, Water, Coffee and Tea, Post-Mix

Packaging in bag in box preserves the qualities of your product to the last drop

Beverages and Liquids

Chemical Products

Ideal for packaging:

Industrial oils, paints, adhesives, cosmetics and pharmacy, fertilisers.

A resistant package and easily stackable. Save transport and returning costs

Chemical Products

Do you need a different Bag in Box format?

Our R&D team is at your entire disposal to help you to find the best solution to pack your products.


The Bag in Box is a useful packaging for other sectors

Bag in Box for Liquids

Bag in Box for Food

Bag in Box for Chemical


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