Filling Olive Oil in Bag in box: The producers give their opinion

Envasar Aceite de Oliva en Bag in Box

It is common to have doubts when introducing a new format for packaging your EVOO.

It is usual that some doubts appear at the moment of introducing a new format to fill your Olive oil. The bag in box format is in mind of many producers and fillers due to their advantages for the extra virgin olive oil conservation. It allows a vaccuum filling and avoid the oxygen and light entrance, factors that have a direct impact on the oil oxidation. Day by day are more the oil mills that trust on it thanks to the advantages that the bag in box offers and the high demand of it for export transactions.

This post will show you the experience of some of our customers during the bag in box use:

Advantages of Pack Olive Oil in Bag in Box
Producers reviews

Aceites Alba en Bag in Box

Olivar de Plata

Olivar de Plata , we have clear from the beginning that we want a packaging for our EVOO that makes a difference. After discovering the bag in box format, we had no doubts, it offers a different style and adds an extra; it preserves the oil much better than others packaging. What it is very appreciable when you take care of producing a very high-quality product.

It is true that it is not an easy path, traditional formats are engraved in the consumer’s memory; and the new often creates doubts. Another issue is the colour, consumers like to see the oil’s colour; and in our case with an intense green oil even more. That’s where the work of educating comes in and explain that for an optimal oil’s preservation, the absence of light and oxygen are essential. Once tried, our customers praise the bag in box format, it is beautiful and even decorates in the kitchen, it takes up a reduced space in case you do not want to leave it on the countertop, its tap is very useful and it is easy to recycle. A perfect choice.




OLIVAR DE PLATA, Aceites Alba C.B. Sabiote (Jaén)

Advantages of Pack Olive Oil in Bag in Box
Producers reviews

Aceites Vizcantar en Bag in Box

Aceites Vizcantar

In Aceites Vizcántar , we initiated the filling in the format Bag in Box (BIB) some years ago, conscious of it being the best packaging for the EVOO as it is more protected of the damaging agents; the air, the light and the temperature. It is also very practical, as only by opening the tap, the oil comes out and it is not necessary to manipulate the packaging with both hands to serve the oil.

When we started to commercialise it, the main difficulty was the conservative mind of the consumers as they do not identify the bag in box as a packaging for the EVOO. They were used to the PET tank or the glad bottle, and it was difficult to introduce the bag in box. After attending to exhibitions and tasting shows promoting the BIB as the ideal packaging for the oil and its advantages of use, handling and preservation respect to traditional packaging, we were introducing little by little our EVOO bag in box in the market. Those who purchased it got surprise and even commented “you are right, we have noticed how easy is to manipulate and use it and how well the EVOO get conserved”.

These types of comments were increasing as we succeed in its introduction in the market. I began with my brand: Señorío de Vizcántar , EVOO of high quality with Priego de Córdoba D.O. P. An added issue was the many consumers identify the BIB with wine and they associated it with low quality. We changed this conception explaining the characteristics of the BIB as an ideal packaging for EVOO, the packaging the better care the oil and preserve their shelf life longer.

Committed to this format as ideal for the EVOO packaging, we introduced it as well in our EVOO of Ecologic production under our Brand BIO-Vizcántar for which we find a very exigent consumer profile.




Fermín Rodríguez, ACEITES VIZCÁNTAR. DOP Priego de Córdoba

Advantages of Pack Olive Oil in Bag in Box
Producers reviews

Aceites Olibaeza en Bag in Box


The cooperative El Alcázar under their brand Olibaeza , it commercialises its “Premium” early harvest oils mainly in the bag in box packaging. This format is for us the one which preserve the best this type of olive oil, as the bag in box meets all the requirements that a packaging must have to preserve a high-quality oil without losing any of its inner characteristics; and these requirements are the absence of light, heat and absence of air.

Regarding the light, the aluminium bag and its container box assure an opaque packaging.

The fact that it has two covers allow a higher resistance to the heat. However, the main advantage is the absence of air in contact with the oil: the bag is vacuumed before the filling, and after it; the oil is filled with a little proportion of nitrogen that eliminates any rest of oxygen remaining in the bag.

It is highlighting the air does not come into the packaging when customers are consuming the oil. Even though we empty the oil packing through its dispenser tap, a few months after its opening, the last oil remaining in the packaging will still have the same organoleptic and gustative characteristics that the day we packed it.



Francisco Aldarias, SCA ALCÁZAR DE BAEZA, Jaén

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