Why use packed seawater?

envasar agua de marSeawater not only has therapeutic properties for our skin, due to its combination of salt and iodine from seaweed, or for our state of mind.

But it also helps fight breathing problems and balance the plasma deficiencies of cells. Plasma is the liquid part of our blood, mainly composed of water and proteins, responsible for many basic metabolic processes for the body.

This lack of plasma is associated with diseases such as arthritis, malnutrition, problems in the digestive system or multiple serious infections, thrombosis, hemophilia and other coagulation defects.

For cells to carry out their functions correctly, they need a balanced internal environment and thus prevent the deterioration of our organs.

The benefits of bottled sea water are due to the fact that its composition is very similar to this internal environment, in which our cells (plasma) operate.

hat is why the alkaline properties, provided by bottled seawater, act as an antioxidant in our body and a natural regulator of the internal environment.

  • Neutralizes the acidity of the stomach and provides nutrients and cell restoratives.
  • Avoid heavy digestion, since it helps to process food better.
  • Improves the absorption of nutrients through the intestinal tract
  • Helps to regenerate cells and regulate blood pressure (by combining it with fresh water).
  • Provides hardness to the bones (unlike the refined salt that is the main cause of osteoporosis).
  • Regulates the excess acidity of the cells of the body, especially those of the brain, in addition to generating energy in the cells.
  • Balances blood sugar levels (very beneficial for diabetics).
  • Cleanses mucus from the lungs and helps eliminate cold and congestion. In addition, we also find more benefits and properties of bottled seawater,
  • Use as a toothpaste, since it can be used as a medicinal rinse and healing for mouth infections.
  • Prevents excessive saliva production.
  • Improves blood circulation. Prevents muscle pain and the appearance of "spiders" and varicose veins.
  • Helps in the elimination of malignant bacteria and benefits the growth of healthy bacteria.
  • Thanks to its high level of magnesium and nutrients it is very effective to calm anxiety and alleviate heart problems.


Why use packed seawater in the kitchen?

One of the most beneficial uses of bottled seawater is in the kitchen. Among its culinary advantages we highlight:

  • Enhances the authentic flavor of food and it is a natural preservative:

Seawater packaged in the kitchen is adaptable to almost any recipe or preparation, regardless of its type and make it healthier by replacing common salt. Rehydrates and remineralizes the body quickly and naturally. In the preparation of fish and seafood, it enhances the original flavor of the sea and its characteristic aroma, without the need to add common salt. It can also be used to keep seafood alive until it is cooked. To get juicy and tender meats, enhance its natural flavor, previously submerging it in bottled seawater before cooking. As with vegetables and legumes, pasta and rice, enhancing its own flavor without additives and a perfect cooking point, since food absorbs all the nutrients and benefits of water.

  • Thaw with bottled seawater:

Fish and shellfish lose part of their properties and flavor, by subjecting them to low temperatures for preservation. Using bottled seawater in the thawing process of food, before cooking, it helps to recover its flavor and natural freshness, maintaining all its properties. What will undoubtedly change the final flavor of all our recipes.

  • Isotonic drinks:

For the preparation of sports drinks, bottled sea water is perfect as it does not contain refined sugars or other chemical products, present in conventional isotonic drinks. It helps the body to recover and assimilate the mineral salts and trace elements, lost during sports, and to recover hydration.


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