Gel Hidroalcohólico

gel hidoralchoolico

The current COVID19 pandemic has broken the patterns of the entire population.

The behaviour of companies or institutions has changed a great deal, in terms of how they relate to their staff at work and to users, physical barriers, safety distances, but above all in terms of hygiene and disinfection of common areas, including the streets, which has become an absolute priority in trying to control the pandemic.

Shopping habits in all homes are being adapted both in food and in hygiene products, among which hydroalcoholic gel for hand disinfection cannot be missed. Probably, a high percentage of the population had never bought this product that is now so indispensable in all households and so scarce.

Most of these habits have come to stay once we all manage to overcome this situation. That is why Montibox has set to work to try to collaborate in bringing all the population hydroalcoholic gel, we propose the solution of packaging bag in box in 3L and 5L format for the dispensing of hydroalcoholic gel in bulk.

The container incorporates a tap that allows to dispense the gel and to fill smaller containers, this way it is not necessary to buy a new container every time we finish our hydroalcoholic gel jar. In addition, we also have bag in box 10L sizes to help institutions and corporations, so they can fill all their hydroalcoholic gel dispensers in a comfortable way and help them in the fulfillment of their hygiene and prevention measures against coronavirus, as well as lowering their costs which will undoubtedly make the gel more affordable.



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